Summer Scarf Trend

When you talk about scarves you automatically think of winter or colder weather, but that is not always the case. Say hello to the summer scarf trend. The summer scarf is an accessory we tend to forget about, but shouldn't because it can give an outfit a super cute trendy look! The options are endless, and can be used in so many ways. Are you on board with this adorable summer trend?


An adorable way to wear a bandana or silk scarf is in your hair. You can tie it back in a pony tail for chic look, or wrap it around a top knot for a trendy hairstyle. Don't forget you can also wear them as a headband for a boho style! An easy and effortless style that looks very fashionable. These cute scarves and bandanas below can be found at Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, and Free People!


    Free People, $28                                                 Urban Outfitters, $10                                            Free People, $28

Wrap Around:

Don't feel like wearing a necklace? Wrap a bandana or scarf around your neck instead! Super trendy and so cute. 


                           Anthropology, $18                                                                           Urban Outfitters, $10

Bag Accessory:

Tie your scarf around your handbag to add a pop of color! 


                                           Anthropology                                                                                    Urban Outfitters

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